After Marriage

To make wedding day more successful and fulfilling, couples can plan what they have to do after their marriage day. What to do after the wedding day? There should have been a plan for this even before the wedding day.

Example is that you can go to touring overseas and enjoy the beauty of another nation. It means that you should have a budget for this as a part of the wedding budget. The reason why you have to make time like this is that when you go back to your normal day, you will have no time doing this for busy job and busy daily activity. Another reason for doing this is that you will have children, there will be no time going to enjoy your time because you have to focus in keeping eye on your children.

It is not only touring, you can go and visit your kin and have a time to reunite with them so they could have part with you when you raise a family. It is not really easy to be in the situation that you are raising a family because there will be a lot of troubles and hardships to encounter and overcoming those ones will be a trial. After the wedding day, will you start immediately to build a family or save money before having a child? It is recommendable to save money before having a child because raising a child is very tough.


Instead of going abroad for travel purpose, save the money for owning house, since home is the most important in building a family.