The 10 Unusual Wedding Traditions Around The World

A wedding is one of the important events for both couples. There are billions of people living in this world and including their traditions. Among many wedding traditions, there are strange wedding traditions that surprised me a lot. The Tujia wedding tradition in China is a unique that the bride must cry 1 hour a day for one month before the wedding ceremony and all women members of the family must join crying for the whole month.  In Indonesia, they have what they called the Indonesian Tidong tradition.

The couples who will get marry are confined to their houses without using the toilet for 3 days before the wedding ceremony for them to have healthy babies according to their belief. In South Korea, they have the tradition called Balaka that the groom’s feet are beaten by stinking fish right after the wedding. The French Polynesian tradition is also one of the awkward form of wedding tradition, the bride’s family and tribe from a human carpet that they are to walk on by the groom to the bride’s house.Your teeth problem may be gone with this dental clinic help. Try to click this site And a bright smile will surely be form for you confidently.

In South Sudan, the tribes of Nuer the men can marry for their dead relative but the children still the descendants of the dead man. The old French Wedding tradition people gather to the house of newly wed couples and banging lots of pan and pot for the newly wed to invite them for drinks or they will kidnap the groom and put him in the horse to the middle of nowhere. Look at this best recommended site for dental services. Check info from this link 板橋 牙醫推薦. This serves you best implant for your teeth that you needed.