The 10 Stunning Truth About Engagement Rings

A wedding is a very special ceremony that most people wanted to experience. It is the day where the groom and bride will exchange their vows together in front of the altar. Every country has its own traditions and customs for wedding ceremony. In a wedding, a ring is a proof that you already married with the man or girl that you love. So, among these, let’s see some of the most stunning rings that is mostly use for wedding or engagement ceremony that girls really wanted. By watching the youtube video below, you can see the top ten list of stunning wedding rings around the world.

Understanding about wedding rings, don’t you know that the custom of using engagement rings started early in the Ancient Egyptian period wherein the perfectly round shape of wedding ring serves as a symbol of eternity. The very reason why rings are placed on the third finger when exchanging vows because it of the belief that left hand, third finger, contains the special vein (Vena Amoris). This contains the vein for love that flows. The used of diamonds for the wedding ceremony was first discovered in India and it was used as engagement ring only in the 15th century. Get this leaking solution company service. See the explanation here 祥發. This is because they are best in service for your home.

One amazing fact is that some parts of India used toe ring instead of the wedding ring. For men, they spend much of their time about one to three months shopping for the perfect golden ring. In the United States, England, France and Canada, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left hand but in the country like Germany, Russia, and India, the ring is worn on the right hand.