Amazing Facts Regarding Marriage According To Studies

Marriage is considered to be one of the sacred ceremonies for two people that need to undergo before planning to live together as husband and wife. The value of marriage varies from different countries. Like in the United States, a survey shows that about 42 million adults married for more than one. In Swedish, according to studies people who had long distance relationship and long distance communication are prone and are likely to a divorce couples.

According to the researchers from the University of Cincinnati, the married men drink less compared to unmarried men while a woman who is married drink more compared to an unmarried woman. There is also a study done by the National Institute on Aging found that marriage takes place for couples over 57 years of age for they have the higher risk. And you need this elder care to help your future, 養護型. In addition, according to research from the University of Florence, unfaithful husbands have the greater risk of heart attack compared to husbands who are faithful.

Another study by the researchers from SUNY Binghamton in the year 2010 said that cheating might have been related to genes or in short, it might be hereditary. In the United States, most especially in Las Vegas, they issue over 122,000 of marriage licenses per year. Surveys show that 89% of brides have prepared for Mother’s dresses on their wedding, they saved budget in place before the wedding. The bride tends to prepare the wedding more in advance than male.