7 Perfect Ways to Show your Love

Here are tips on how you can show your love to your partner. Showing affection is the most important thing in a relationship.

Conversation. What happens when you do not converse? Both of you will come to think that your partner does not love you and one would perhaps find another person in exchange of you. Conversation will lead you to understanding what is in others mind and heart so that you will avoid misunderstanding that can lead to fighting and being paranoid.

Share Physical Thing. When you share physical things, there must be a love in it. Share food together, things together, and do things together. Giving gifts means that you have affection towards your partner. There is nothing more valuable from your partner than his or her love.

Serving. Serving your partner means that you do love him or her. At first time, when you are not yet married, you think always of how you can please him or her.

But after marriage, you get used to each other and each will bear in mind that they have to be served. This thinking will make the marriage not happy.

Sacrifice. Sacrifice will make the relationship grow stronger. If one says ‘I will sacrifice for you’, the other one will be moved and makes effort to give love. This is why it Love between opposite sex is called conditional love. How can you love if you are not loved? The best love is the unconditional love of the family.