3 Factors that Bind a Family

What Binds a Family?

Where on earth can you find a company warmer than your family. Home is the warmest place ever. This is where you started to make dreams and received comfort and support from.

Blood is the most mysterious factor why a family can be bound as tight as it can be. No one can break the bond of a family. However, when the world is changing and is becoming evil, there are families that often break. How sad this situation is?

Children are the bundles of joy of parents. This is why no matter what happens, they make effort to feed their children and give everything their children needs. If not, they feel so sorry that they could not do that. How boundless is the love of parents. There are many times they cry and shed tears for their children. It is because, without their children, there is also no joy. Children too love their parents because they know that  their parents love them so much although children do not have enough love.

Love is the greatest of all. It is said that family love is the best factor that binds a family. People think that family is the first to them. People live for the family. This is why family is already connected to love. There is no greater love than the love of a family. Your husband or wife can leave if some bad situation happens. However, even if wind or storm tries to break a family, their love will always unite and make a family stronger even more. This is the bond that a family has.